Filming in Ghana June 07 with Eckart Saeger of FBC

Shamwari sky

Animal Planet shoot 2007 - my new favourite place on earth.

Shamwari South Africa

Animal planet shoot Shamwari Game reserve

Animal Planet puncture

Time out at Shamwari while "Mushi" , Zimbabwean ranger changes a flat

Iran Military parade

Iran Sept 06- Military parade Discovery channel

Clinton Rwanda

Bill Clinton Interview NBC Dateline Rwanda 2006

Baghdad CBS

Baghdad CBS live shot position Paramedic on standby


Crews putting on NBC gear (nuclear biological chemical warfare suits) at liveshot position Kuwait


NBC training in Pakistan, Jim Sciuto ABC correspodent in background.

Baghdad ABC

Entrance to our road in Baghdad


Convoy into Iraq from Jordan 2003

Kuwait Chinooks

Sandstorm on the Kuwait / Iraq border day before invasion March 2003

Baghdad security

Iraqi security, CBS 60 minutes shoot August 2005

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche shoot Knysna with cameraman Lee Doig


Editing in Jerusalem ABC bureau


Giving hotel security some tips in Iraq

Lebanon Hizbollah

Baalbek Lebanon 2006

South Lebanon

With cameraman Greg English in South Lebanon with Hezbollah 2006

Baghdad 60 minutes

CBS 60 mins Lesley Stahl gets personal treatment with her body armour from security advisor John - Baghdad 2005


Outside Palestine hotel Baghdad 2003


Bob Woodruff crew pre invasion. Middle row standing from left Brian Tilley killed in Iraq 2004, James Brolan killed in Iraq 2006, Bob Woodruff seriously wounded in Iraq 2006. Cameraman Matt Green sits on the bonnet.

Baghdad Airport

Myself on left taking a bet with Ed, New Zealand security advisor in Baghdad before Tri Nations rugby match between South Africa and New Zealand ..........I lost the bet!


US checkpoint seen through damaged window of Palestine hotel Baghdad


CBS 60 min security team Baghdad 2005

Cape Town

Gillette world of sport shoot with Schalk Burger South African rugby player and sound recordist Deon Kroon on right.


Zambia fishing village, Bill Gates funded malaria rollbck program 42 films New York


Nuclear Biological warfare training Pakistan.

Cape Town

Mandela getting some make up before a piece to camera with our Autocue,...his first time!


Kosovo: with returning Albanian refugees


Lighting case at ABC standup position in Baghdad

Cape Town

Shooting the Queen in Cape Town


BBC liveshot Kabul Afghanistan ...waiting for my HMI


Entrance to Bagram base Afghanistan

Cape Town

Total rally Cape Town


Kosovo looters caught by Canadian troops Cameraman Robbie Wright and soundman Trevor Barker in foreground.

China Tiananmen square June 1989

Tiananmen Square June 89, 3 days before the crackdown, Goddess of Democracy statue in background which the students had built out of polystyrene, it was flattened by an APC the night of 3rd June.


Angelina Jolie in Namibia NBC dateline shoot with Anne Curry


Angelina with kids at a school she supports in Namibia


NBC Dateline crew for Angelina Jolie exclusive, Myself, Ian Robie, Chris Everson and Anton van der Merwe

Cape Town

Michael Hutchence from INXS, behind the scenes shoot of his last music video shortly before his death.
Myself and soundman Sebastian Dunn


Bushmen shoot for ITN